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Let Mike Davies from Hypnosis Bunbury
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About Mike Davies

20 Years of Experience

Mike is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and has been helping clients live amazing and full lives. He is a Master Practitioner of the Australian Academy of Hypnotherapy, The International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists, and a Master Practitioner of NLP. 

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  • My name is Shaun and I am 15 years old. I went to see Mike because I couldn’t stand to hear people eating or chewing. It had become so bad that I couldn’t eat dinner at the table with my family and that made all of us uncomfortable.

    My Mum thought that hypnosis might help me so I went to see Mike. Mum came with me because I was a bit nervous. The room was really nice and I was made very comfortable. I was there for about two hours. When I left Mike gave me a thumb drive with some more meditation information on it to listen to when I went to sleep. I am also sleeping much better but most importantly the chewing doesn’t bother me anymore AT ALL!!!

    It has been six weeks since I saw Mike and not only do I feel as though I am cured, I also feel a lot better about myself. I have more confidence and feel happier.

  • Julie suffered the worst eczema I had ever seen. It was as if red mud had been applied to her arm, then left to dry in the sun.  Her entire torso was covered in these angry red welts.

    Suggesting she needed to do something about it, she replied that she was constantly seeking help from doctors and specialists; but to no avail.

    We arranged for her to have a hypnosis session that afternoon. She brought her boyfriend along for moral support. I explained what to expect from the session, and we commenced.

    That was Thursday evening. On Monday morning I enquired about her rash and she rolled up her sleeve to reveal beautiful healthy skin. Her torso still had some affected areas on her stomach and back, but significantly less than the previous week.

    The following Thursday evening I did another session. After a week I asked Julie how her skin was. She couldn’t hide her smile as she confirmed that she was completely free of eczema. 

  • Hi, my name is Barbara, I am 47 and I had been a very heavy smoker for about 28 years. Cigarettes were always with me and I could not even imagine living without them.

    Six years ago I started to think that it was probably time for me to consider stopping my addiction, but I was very worried because I knew how hard is to quit smoking.

    Somebody told me about hypnosis and gave me Mike's number. To cut a long story short, I called him, we met and I had my first and only (incredible!!!) hypnosis session. I went through a tough couple of weeks, but I have never smoked since that day.

    I was also worried about putting weight on but Michael took care of this also and I didn't gain any weight at all.

    What can I say? I would recommend him to anyone wishing to overcome any problems!

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Clients helped


Stopped smoking


Beat alcohol


Eliminated Fear
Anxiety & Stress


Gained Confidence

Live a Better Life

Deep relaxation
Obtain quiet blissful sleep
Cure anxiety attacks
Develop opposite sex confidence
Relationship healing
Overcome jealousy
Develop healthy eating 
Better self esteem
Positive thoughts 

Conquer Fears & Health Challenges

Stop smoking
Alcohol control
Cure claustrophobia
Cure fear of heights
Cure fear of flying
Breast Cancer recovery
Cure irritable bowel syndrome
Manage your asthma
Pain relief
Eliminate headaches and migraines
Cope better with childbirth 

Develop Yourself

Achieve your goals
Stop procrastination
Manage your anger
Sales motivation
Interview success
Public speaking
Exam nerves  
Re-invent yourself
Self Improvement

What to expect:

Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state of relaxation. It is as much a part of our everyday functioning as seeing and hearing.

There is nothing magical about hypnosis and contrary to what you may believe, it is not a state of sleep. It is better described as a state of heightened awareness and concentration, together with a feeling of calm and deep relaxation. 

Allow up to 2 hours for your session. You will be calm, relaxed and perfectly able to drive after your session.

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